Photographer Instagrams Her Breakfast Art

birds made up of breakfast food on plate

Ida Frosk is a photographer from Norway who is quickly making a name for herself on Instagram. She has chosen quite an unusual canvas and medium to express her art. What we normally eat, she instead uses to express her art. A plate of food is not really an unusual choice to photograph, however she introduces a different twist. The food is not photographed for what it is, but is instead shaped, arranged and molded to replicate something else. Take for instance oranges and olives to depict fish. It is a whimsical collection that turns the breakfast menu into unusual creations.

tulips made up of breakfast food on plate

lion made up of breakfast food on plate

squirrel made up of breakfast food on plate

Ida starts the process by first coming up with a list of food she would like to have for breakfast. It is not a contrived, combination of edible items she assembles, but is actually what she is going to eat. Within these limitations, each of her creations takes around five to fifteen minutes to make. Once it is finished, she takes a picture, eats the art piece, and that’s it. So far Ida has a burgeoning 100,000 followers already since 2012.

sailboat made up of breakfast food on plate

little boy made up of breakfast food on plate

house in movie UP made up of breakfast food on plate

She shares part of her creative process,

“I usually have a general sort of plan the night before, so I don’t have to spend much time figuring out what to do in the morning. The assembly doesn’t take that long in most cases, on average 5 – 15 minutes. I have to get to my day job after all! For weekend breakfasts I sometimes spend more time. The pieces for the Art Toast Project series generally takes at least 30 minutes to make.”

Her work can be seen on her blogspot and her Instagram account.

There are two headings that you should check out from her blogspot: Food Art Gallery which is an assortment of different themes, and The Art Toast Project, where she does not deviate from the star of the series, you guessed it, a piece of toasted bread, dressed up in all sorts of ways. It is described in her blogspot,

“The Art Toast Project consists of edible remakes of major works by famous artists, using a piece of toast as the canvas. The idea was based on the literal interpretation of “food art” and the desire to make art more accessible.”

collage of the art of toast by ida frosk

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