Photographer is Surprised to See His Image Being Used as the New Apple Background for iOS 8

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The release of a new iPhone is always a big event in the world of gadgets, but for Espen Haagensen, it was a totally different experience. For most of us, choosing a wallpaper is pretty much a no-brainer. Here’s how Haagensen’s experience in relation to wallpapers is exceedingly unique. On September 17th, a photo of the Milky Way captured by Haagensen while in Norway will become the default wallpaper in iOS 8, software that will be downloaded countless of times by iPhone users all around the globe.

On September 19th, millions of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus units will begin shipping out to excited customers, all preloaded with the Haagensen image. Now how many of you out there have bragging rights such as Haagensen? Not very many, that’s for sure. Haagensen shared how he got the image that will soon be plastered on countless of iPhones.

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“Every year we take the train up in the mountains and ski for 5-6 hours to get [to] the Demmevass hut. The hut is very remote and old and is situated close to a glacier. After we get there we prepare traditional Norwegian Christmas food. The next day we ski back to the railroad before we take the train home.

I do quite a lot of starscapes and Milky Way shots but this was the first time I brought a decent wide angle and full size tripod to Demmevass. There was a rather big moon so the Milky Way was faint, but around midnight there were some skies and the moon disappeared and I was able to capture a nice series.”

Apple representatives secured a broadcast use license from Haagensen earlier this year to take care of copyright legalities. True to their usual ‘cloak and dagger’ style, even Haagensen did not know exactly why they wanted the image. It was at the iPhone 6 announcement on September 9th, that Haagensen’s colleague told him that his photo is the background of the iPhone 6.

See more of his work here.

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Patricia Ramos

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