Photographer Journeys Around the Globe and Documents the Beauty of Women from Different Countries

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Some 24 months ago 29-year-old Romanian photographer Mihaela Noroc ditched her day job and began journeying around the globe in search of women from various and diverse cultures. Noroc wanted to document women from different countries of the world to prove that beauty can be different, but no less stunning. Hence, Noroc along with her rucksack and camera began to travel around the world with just her savings she earned during years of traditional employment. Her project is entitled The Atlas of Beauty and it celebrates our planet’s diversity as illustrated through portraits of women.

mihaela noroc atlas of beauty photos

Noroc has travelled to 37 countries on a very tight budget, and she ended up in a broad variety of environments and cultures, allowing her the opportunity to come across women from all walks of life. “Now I can say that beauty is everywhere, and it’s not a matter of cosmetics or sizes but more about being yourself.”

mihaela noroc atlas of beauty photo series

She wrote. “In the end, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the beholder is always somebody else. My goal is to continue and take photos of women from each country of the globe, making The Atlas of Beauty a mirror of our diverse societies and an inspiration for people that try to remain authentic,” said Noroc.

mihaela noroc atlas of beauty photo series

No doubt Noroc is on a mission to photograph ladies from every country on this Earth to demonstrate that beauty is everywhere. She prefers to find and document natural faces of people who don’t use much makeup. At times she only has a few seconds to shoot a portrait, while other occasions afford her hour-long sessions with subjects.

atlas of beauty photo series mihaela noroc

Noroc has started a crowdfunding campaign to get herself back on the road and continue her project. The new twist is that contributors from all around the world will be able to choose her next destination. For instance, if people from France, Italy or perhaps the Philippines or any other country in the world would want to bring The Atlas of Beauty to a place, they will be able to do this by contributing to the campaign and voting.

atlas of beauty photo series

atlas of beauty photo

Those new to this project can read about The Atlas of Beauty project here. The crowdfunding effort may be directed here.

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