Photographer Makes Ocean Waves Look Like Mountain Waves Using Creative Photo Composition

mountain sea

If you don’t scrutinize these images you would swear that they were photographs of rugged mountains, shot in some desolate region of the earth. Look closer and you will realize that these images are actually ocean waves, shot at their peak as they glide through the sea’s unpredictable surface. It’s a terrifying sight, and must be really frightening if you saw it in person.


Oceans are vast as they comprise about 70 percent of the planet. The average depth of the ocean is several thousand feet, another scary fact to ponder. Ninety-eight percent of the water on earth is in the oceans. People through the ages have marvelled at the raw, magnificent and natural power of the sea, and Australia-based photographer Ray Collins is one of the latest to delve on the theme.

seastills photo

Collins’ intimidating, epic wave images manage to freeze and capture all of the sea’s overwhelming power, depicting it in an awe-inspiring manner faithful to realty.

Collins recently wrote saying, he “feels more at home floating in saltwater with his camera than anywhere on land.”  This must be true as only one comfortable with its powerful force could possibly brave such rough sea conditions.

seastills photos

Collins is an accomplished surf sport photographer, and his most impressive photos are of the sea itself as a subject or personified as a character. Collins acquired his camera in 2007 with the intention of photographing his surfing buddies, but quickly discovered that he had a talent for shooting the sea.

seastills photography

His work has been so successful, that they have been featured in international campaigns for Apple, Patagonia and even National Geographic. This particular collection is called SeaStills, which Collins describes as a “film about what drives him to create.”

seastills photographer

Have a look at them here and view the ocean in a way that will surely humble you.

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Patricia Ramos

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