Photographer Makes Statement in Minimal Photo Series ‘Less is More’

less is more

Artist Zoltan Bekefy is quite into landscape and fine art photography. He is extremely passionate about the monochromatic medium and minimalism, which prevalently shows in his work, Less is More. The aforementioned is the title of a stunning series of photographs by the Ireland-based Bekefy. Captured immaculately in black and white and using full dramatic contrasts, Bekefy’s images have an enigmatic quality to them.

less is more black and white

The sparse backgrounds and absence of clutter characterizes this young photographer’s emerging style. On his reasons for a preference for the black and white medium over full color, he said to Ephotozine, “I cannot tell you exactly. I love the simplicity and mood that black and white photography gives us. Monochrome images of a scene seem to encapsulate more personal meaning to me.”

black and white less is more

Bekefy got into digital photography nearly 10 years ago in 2005, which turned out not to just be a profession but a defining moment as well in his personal outlook. Since then he has been vigorously investigating the many faces of nature everywhere, attempting to bottle special moments in a picture, freezing what he sees into timeless art. Bekefy focuses most of his creative talents on landscape and fine art photography, coming up with striking images of oceans, the skies and mountain ranges in addition to natural substances.

zolten bekefy less is more

His aim is to be able to photograph the beauty of nature that is constantly all around us. Bekefy was drawn to landscape photography and nature because in his own words, he found it to be “more compelling, mysterious and overwhelming than any facial expression. One of my favourite locations is the ocean. I enjoy the loneliness when photographing at the coastline. I feel deeply concentrated but at the same time deeply relaxed.”

photo series zolten bekefy less is more

Bekefy is a self-confessed travel addict which complements his passion for photography. When not on the road, he dabbles a lot in the kitchen as a novice chef.  He was born in Slovakia, however currently resides in Ireland. At 31 years old, his other interests are obviously of the gastronomic nature, as well as music. “I am a landscape photographer, a fanatic traveler and a “glass half full” type of person,” he says in jest of himself.

zolten bekefy less is more photo series

zolten bekefy less is more series

series zolten bekefy less is more

photo series zolten bekefy less is more

See his work entitled Less is More here.

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