Photographer Manipulates Water Splashes to Create Unique Shapes

water splash

Alex Koloskov is a studio product and advertising photographer. Koloskov started to work as a commercial photographer many years ago, and initially was open to everything from portraiture to architecture, however, he soon realized that he could be successful only where his heart and passion was.

water splash compositeKoloskov is also largely self-taught as he revealed recently in an interview. “I have no photography-related schooling or training at all, everything I know I’ve got form the internet or invented myself. I’ve got my first camera being 13 years old, my first digital in 2004. This is when I started to work with the strobe lights, slowly moving away from landscapes/nature/portraits to a studio environment.”

water splash composite image

Through the years he has found that he is in his element in a quiet studio, a place where he feels exceptionally comfortable working with still life as well as motion subjects. Koloskov likes the challenge of doing technically difficult shots, where he has to engineer the lighting and light modifiers, producing custom solutions for each and every image.

water splash composite flower

In this collection, he shows us how he works with one of his favorite type of shots: a blend of liquid and product subjects combined in one composition. Sculpting erratic shape of moving liquid and introducing a still subject to the composition is very thought-provoking in addition to being a challenging task, and the outcome is very original and striking.

water splash composite photo

The typical gear Koloskov uses are a Hasselblad H1 camera, a Leaf Aptus 75 back, an HC 120mm macro lens, Broncolor Grafit A4 and Grafit A 2 packs to fire three strobes, a Fresnel lens light modifier and a Matthews Grip, not to mention lots and lots of plastic drop cloths.

water splash composite crown

In order to generate the image that Koloskov has in mind, he has to take multiple shots of splashes, pick the exceptional ones, and create a composite final image. After the best splash images are chosen, he brings them into Photoshop and begins masking and editing the splashes creating the final composite image.

See his painstakingly creative work here.

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