Photographer Matches Pantone Colors to Real World Objects

dark green grass pantone

The Pantone Matching System or PMS, is a widely used color matching system of the printing industry to identify colors. Most color printing applications simplify the specification of colors by plainly indicating the Pantone name or number. This assures a consistency and universality in getting the right shade. By this standardization of colors, different manufacturers from all over the world can be on the same page when they use the Pantone system to make sure colors match without having to compare in person. The Pantone Matching System classifies color by name and number, and has a swatch to visually identify it.

Photographer Paul Octavious’ new photo series, however, attempts to do a sort of reverse on the Pantone Matching System. His new portfolio called The Pantone Project attempts to match several swatches from the Pantone palate with the real, organic world.

pink pantone swatches

He hails the mission of this project as that being to “match all the Pantone colors to things I find in everyday life.” And why not? Every conceivable color in any standardized system could only have come from the world itself. Having began only a few weeks ago, the project is still in its infancy. Since that time however, he has already managed to match some swatches with fairly identical colors from everyday life. Take for instance a runner garbed in a green sweat suit that matches swatch number 7726, a watermelon billboard with Pantone 1797, to purple and pink confetti on the ground matched with Pantone numbers 214 and 14-1911, or a yellow coffee cup with Pantone 12-0727, codenamed sunshine.

yellow flowers pantone

This is not the first time for Octavious’ work to be in the limelight. His previous projects also known are the Birds of Aperture project from last month and the more famous Lean With It photo series a few years back.

If The Pantone Project stirs your interest, which it likely will, follow its progress at Octavious’ Instagram over here.

purple flowers pantone

green tracksuit pantone swatch

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