Photographer Plays Around with the Juxtaposition of Objects to Form Common Phrases and Idioms

peanut butter and jelly

Beth Galton is one photographer that likes the subject of food. She along with stylist Charlotte Omnes recently gave us the series Cut Food, a collection of images of common edibles sliced right down their middle. This time, she breaks with creative norms again and comes-up with something fresh and unpredictable with a series called Idioms.

beth galton idioms

Often times the creative process needs us to give pause, doing something totally unexpected instead. That is exactly what Galton does with this new collection.   In this conceptual series, Galton, through food, created visual cues of often uttered food idioms. By combining the food and drink we habitually eat together, these witty visual brain teasers are guaranteed to give your mind a bit of a workout. While most of these idioms are familiar and easy to detect, others are rather more difficult to decipher.

beth galton idioms chocolate mousse

For instance, what is labeled as ‘Idiom 07’ shows peas paired with an iPod, or “peas in a POD”.  There is also ‘Idiom 01’ with an egg paired with a chicken drumstick, perhaps implying the famous quandary, “which came first, the chicken or the egg?” Quite clever stuff!  If you have the time and inclination, try and guess the rest here at Galton’s website. We are pretty sure you will find it engaging and challenging at the same time.

beth galton idioms photo series

Beth Galton is one of New York’s finest food and still-life photographers. She graduated from Hiram College, with a degree in studio art. Her penchant for detail and sense of composition has distinguished her prestigious client list. She is the recipient of numerous awards from The Art Director’s Club, the Communication Arts, Graphis, One Show and recently was named one of Lürzer’s Int’l Archive’s ‘200 Best Advertising Photographers’ of 2010 & 2011. Her work has been published in various cookbooks and featured as well as in many exhibitions.

idioms beth galton

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