Photographer Pushes the Boundaries of the Bizarre with His Collection of Surreal Images

hossein zare

Iranian photographer Hossein Zare’s reputation precedes him with his trademark anti-gravity photography, however his newer work raises the bar for surrealism. Zare is capable of catapulting you into dream-like sequences, just by gazing at his images. Zare’s work is replete with striking atmospheric symmetry and compositions.

hossein zare landscape

Expansive landscapes and cityscapes are manipulated; turned upside down or juxtaposed against each other with Photoshop to create some extremely surreal images that at times clash within themselves. There is also a common element in most of the photos where a solitary figure, a man, is placed amongst the immense landscapes in a manner that is anything but normal. He tosses truth on its head, turning landscapes as well as cityscapes into bizarre and yet wonderful images.

cityscape hossein zare

These dramatic compositions and manipulation of perception add to the fantastic nature and drama of the photographs.  For instance, skyscrapers rise from the ground but also extend downward from the sky. A lone figure can also be seen observing the glittering metropolis beneath him while sitting on a swing that is on a brown grassy field upturned in the sky. Such striking compositions and use of perspective add to the surreal nature and drama of the photos, raising further questions about the intriguing narratives that unfold in the images.

hossein zare black and white

Zare shoots his basic images with a Nikon D7000 and uses these as fundamental elements when he tinkers with them using lots of Photoshop. As one can see, every composition reveals an absurd penchant for detail. It might come as a surprise to many that Zare is entirely self taught.

hossein zare  tree

He is also a contributing lensman at Fotoblur, which is a creative photography community, in addition to being publisher of Fotoblur Magazine. Zare was also named to 500px’s list, the well-known photo sharing site among Deviant Art and Flickr. He work was recognized as best fine art of 2012 for his photograph called Passenger.

hossein zare  cliff

cityscape hossein zare

landscape hossein zare

See his surreal work here.

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