Photographer Shares Unique Perspective on Intimate Home Births

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Jackie Dives sure knows how to carve a niche. In the world of childbirth, you would perhaps be hard-pressed to find a doula and photographer rolled into one.  For those not familiar, a doula, also known as a labor coach is a person who assists a woman through the childbirth process.

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A doula does not have a medical background.  They also assist the woman’s spouse and/or family, by giving physical help, and emotional support. Dives takes the role a step further by bundling into her doula job description the item of photographer, offering families the option to document the entire birth event.

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The 29 year old from Vancouver shared her thoughts on her very specialized field of expertise saying,

“Photographing a home birth is usually very peaceful and comfortable. At a home birth, the couple has chosen exactly who they want to have present, so they are able to be themselves, which I believe is a very important part of birthing, especially for the mother. Seeing a being come into the world is quite special, and to be asked to document that moment in time, is the pinnacle of documentary photography for me. Usually, when I am photographing a birth I am also very involved in the experience. It’s definitely up close and personal, which I love.”

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Dives has been practicing this specialty for three years now. Part of her role as a doula/photographer is to also offer educational tips, massage, visualizations as well as relaxation methods.

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Dives learned her craft by attending the DONA, accredited doula training at Canada’s Douglas College. She then signed-up to be a member of the Doula Services Association.

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Childbirth has always been a passion for dives, as she shared in her website,

“Since my early teens I have been interested in women’s health, birth, midwifery, and do-it-yourself culture. After devouring books on these topics I was very adamant about incorporating them into my life and career. “

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See her amazing work at helping women thru childbirth at her website.

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