Photographer Shaves Off Half His Beard and Fills the Other Half with Tiny Objects


São Paolo-based photographer Adriano Alarcon has a thick beard, even though it is just half of a whole, and that’s exactly what makes his facial hair unique. After deciding to shave-off half of a 4-month grown beard, Alarcon got creative. He started to complete the other half of his face with an assortment of objects, substances and even creatures.

adriano alarcon beard self-portrait

It is also worth mentioning that this series, called Fifty Fifty Selfie Barber Shop was created completely without Photoshop. Thus, where there should be more facial hair instead has some candy, odd toys, and even ‘bugs’. It were as if he got midway done shaving his beard, had a brilliant idea, and began looking for the best possible things he could use to replace the hair. He used practically any object except hair to cover his bare skin.

self- portrait adriano alarcon

Tiny objects such as toy dinosaurs, popcorn, and puzzle pieces were carefully arranged in the shape of a beard, and they did look like the real thing. Depending on what the pieces were, he likewise matched his facial expressions. For instance, when a phony cockroach was about to crawl into his nose, Alarcon squirmed with feigned pain. When chocolate sprinkles were used he is seen hilariously trying to lick them off using his tongue. Adriano shared how he got the series done.

portrait adriano alarcon

“The photos were taken in two days (Saturday and Sunday), but Sunday morning I had to leave home to vote in the Presidential Elections in Brazil, hahahaha, so you can imagine the reaction of people seeing me walking down the street with half-shaven face.” He also said that the most difficult part was to make the model and photographer work at the same time (who was Adriano himself).

adriano alarcon portrait

During the two days that he was creating Fifty Fifty Selfie Barber Shop, Adriano Joked that he only stopped to sleep and eat. He also is a big believer in being spontaneous. “If you have a idea, do it, don’t wait for the better conditions, usually never comes.” Quite profound advice from a playful man.

adriano alarcon

See the side-splitting Fifty Fifty Selfie Barber Shop here.

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