Photographer Shoots Elaborate Photo Series in Her Tiny Attic

daniela majic

Canadian photographer Daniela Majic transformed her tiny attic into an amazing garden set to shoot her ongoing collection called Secret Garden. Majic is very involved with the set, but is quite limited on space. Some of the lenses she uses are the 50mm 1.4, 85mm 1.8, 135mm 2.0 and a 24-70 2.8mm on her Nikon D800.

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Majic is a portrait photographer who, as of late, has been into fairytale garden scenes. The set initially started with a modest wall area that she adorned with flowers. As Majic comes up with fresh concepts, she alters the backdrop with paint and adds grass and flowers to further change it.

daniela majic photographyShe uses dozens of authentic flowers mixed with artificial silk ones to create the look she wants. She also does the costumes and maps out all of her photo shoots with a skeletal hair and make-up team. Quite a take-charge kind of person, she is.

daniela majic photographer

Majic wants to show people that you can produce big things in tiny spaces, and it would perhaps be safe to say that she does this convincingly well. She creates pictures of elegant, fantastical imagery all within the confines of her modest attic in her house. Since last year, she has been working on Secret Garden, which is replete with dreamlike, colorful portraits of women dressed in extravagant costumes.

daniela majic photos

The ladies can be seen wearing handmade garments that look like they were taken out of fairy tale scenes.  They are also surrounded with butterflies, feathers, bright blooms, and more dainty elements. All of the backdrops are just as spectacular.

daniela majic photos behind the scenes

The philanthropic spirit is also imbued in Majic, as she is planning to gather donations for a charity called “because I am a girl” during her gallery show scheduled in June. At present, she already raises funds for the charity by selling prints thru her print shop. She says that her childhood allowed her to imagine ways that she could be of help to children, and how her art could act as a channel to share her blessings.

daniela majic photos behind the scenes secret garden

See her growing body of work here. Prints from the Secret Garden collection are available for purchase via Majic’s online shop.

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