Photographer Shoots Ethereal Black and White Self-Portraits Every Day for a Year


Transcending the ubiquitous and one-dimensional selfie, photographer Ninjin has endeavored to take a self-portrait each day for a whole year.  The Mongolian photographer’s medium of choice is mostly in black and white, and she extensively makes use of double exposure methods to create dreamy, surreal, if not sometimes bizarre photos.

ninjin black and white

Ninjin is even able to create images that seem to appear ghostly, with transparent body images that appear more like from the spirit realm.

black and white self portrait photos ninjin

Ninjin shared some of her ideas revolving around the concept of her ongoing work.

“This is an ongoing 365 day project. I decided to start it to challenge myself to take photos everyday. In most photos, I try to create dreamy and ethereal effects in camera without using Photoshop. Most of the time I use long exposure and double exposure techniques. The most difficult part is coming up with new ideas everyday and keep this project going. I shoot with a Nikon D600 and a 50mm F1.4 Nikkor lens.”

black and white self portrait

Indeed it must be a challenge to come up with such an artistically charged series every day, but Ninjin seems to be managing just fine. It also certainly does not hurt to be blessed with exotic, good looks which Ninjin exploits in every conceptual image.

ninjin self portrait photos

Her photos are lovely and they range in theme, from her silhouette framing some bamboo trees, images of her face animated by faint shadows of her own likeness, to out-of-body like phenomena taking place as she sits motionless. It is also amazing to take note of Ninjin’s revelation that she avoids using Photoshop, as most of her work would lead one to believe she relies heavily on the editing program.

self portrait photos ninjin

As this is a work in progress, those who have been captivated by what appears to be a dream motivated collection can follow Ninjin’s work here.

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Patricia Ramos

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