Photographer Shoots “Extra Bokeh” Images of Tokyo

takashi kitajima

Takashi Kitajima will go to great lengths to capture an exceptional photograph. For instance, to shoot some of these amazing images, he went on an observation deck of a high-rise building, and also on a pedestrian bridge to shoot stunning pictures of Tokyo.

From famous landmarks like the Shinjuku Park Tower to the Rainbow Bridge, Kitajima’s photographs are inventive and quite original as they display an out-of-focus technique which he terms as “Extra Bokeh.” Bokeh, or simply “Boke” is one of the most well-liked techniques in photography.

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The reason why it is so popular, is because Bokeh produces photographs that are visually interesting, compelling us to focus our attention on a specific area of the image. The word “Boke” is rooted in the Japanese language, which literally means “blur”.

Kitajima expertly uses Bokeh, or as he terms it, “Extra Bokeh” in his images shot of The Shinjuku Park Tower and The Rainbow Bridge. The Shinjuku Park Tower is the second-highest structure in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

japan takashi kitajima

Kenzo Tange designed the building and it was completed in 1994. Shinjuku Park Tower has 3 main parts; the S tower, which is 235m tall with 52 storeys, the  C tower which is 209m tall with 47 storeys and the N tower which is 182m tall with 41 storeys.

The Rainbow Bridge is a suspension bridge traversing northern Tokyo Bay between Shibaura Pier and the Odaiba waterfront development found in Minato, Tokyo. Construction began in 1987 and was finished in 1993. The bridge spans 798m long with a main span of 580m.

takashi kitajima bokeh photos

Formally known as the “Shuto Expressway No. 11 Daiba Route – Port of Tokyo Connector Bridge,” the term “‘Rainbow Bridge” was coined by the public. This is since the towers that support the bridge are white in color, meant to blend with the skyline of central Tokyo as seen from Odaiba. Lamps placed on the wires supporting the bridge, are lit in three different colors, namely, red, white and green every night thru solar energy harnessed during the day.

See Kitajima’s images of the Shinjuku Park Tower and the Rainbow Bridge masterfully shot in the out-of-focus technique which he terms “Extra Bokeh” as well as other images here.

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