Photographer Shoots Fellow Photographers’ Headshots in Photo Series ‘The Project’

dani diamond the project

Dani Diamond recently set out on a most unusual project that is so simple in its intentions, that one would be surprised at how such a project could be so easy, and yet challenging. Called The Project, his objective is to find fellow photographers from all over the globe and take their headshots.

dani diamond photographer headshot

In the process, Diamond subjects himself to their professional scrutiny. Diamond is a brilliant portrait photographer based out of Connecticut and is also an active member of Fstoppers Facebook Group. His headshot work has a well-deserved reputation for being flawless and striking.

photographer headshot by dani diamond

He recently sat down for an interview to talk about his roots and subsequent growth in photography.

“I’m 24 years old. I live in Connecticut with my wife, Etty. I moved to Connecticut around five years ago for college. While in school, a friend of mine would carry around a DSLR camera. I approached him and asked him how cameras work.”

dani diamond headshot

The Project is an out of the ordinary concept to bring photographers from all over to have their headshots expertly taken by Diamond. Anyone initiated in this craft will tell you that most of the technique is in the way you interact with your subjects. The trick is drawing the best out of them for the camera.

photographer headshot

Diamond elaborates on this skill,

“I recently realized that photography is more than just settings and technical details. I became conscious that when a photographer connects with his subject and captures his or her personality, the picture is going to ultimately be more attractive to the viewer. A head shot is all about the subject’s expression.”

headshot photographer

He also spoke of the challenges presented by shooting his peers,

“I knew that shooting fellow photographers would be the greatest challenge. As a photographer myself, I know that I am more comfortable behind the lens and many of my friends share similar feelings in that regard. If I could get photographers to be comfortable and themselves in front of the camera, than I will have mastered the art of taking head shots.”

For him, the bar was definitely raised to quite lofty levels when he decided to pursue The Project. “Shooting other photographers is so nerve wracking. A mediocre photograph just won’t cut it!” Diamond realized that the biggest and most significant thumb-up, could only come from your peers.

See his work of other photographers as the subject for a change, in The Project here.

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