Photographer Shoots Priceless Photos of Grandparents’ Anniversary Inspired by the Movie, ‘Up’

up anniversary photos

It sure helps to have a granddaughter that does events for a living. This enduring couple that has been together for many decades got the whole nine yards when they were treated to an extravagant pictorial. Lauren Wells decided to use her expertise as well as her company called by her name, Lauren Wells Events, to put together a photo series of her grandparents that would celebrate many, many years of marital bliss.

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The work is actually always a joint effort between Lauren and her husband, Mike. The website posts this of how Lauren and Mike go about their work. “While Lauren will be working with you on every little detail leading up to the event, Matt will be the one wielding a hammer in his workshop and hanging lights from a ladder on your big day. They are also husband and wife, and completely smitten with one another, so they kinda get what all the fuss is about.” Obviously this paring is also a match made in heaven.

photoshoot up inspired

The couple in the spotlight has been married an astounding 61 years.  The photo series is actually a special holiday present from Lauren and Mike, who decided the time was more than ripe to celebrate their grandparents’ union in pictures.  They sought to create some truly unforgettable anniversary photos for them, who they fondly refer to as “Nina and Gramps”.  Lauren says the two are inseparable and “have never taken their rings off, remain the best of friends, and have just one picture from their wedding day” because “their photographer stood them up!”

pictorial up inspired

For a theme, Lauren took ideas from the Pixar movie Up and worked with a team to produce this one-of-a-kind present. Initially making it public on the well-known wedding blog Style Me Pretty today, the adorable series of love older than half a century has not even been seen by the subjects themselves.

up inspired pictorial

“Caroline from Wildfolk managed to bring the balloon colors to life in her flowers, and Nina cried when she got handed her beautiful bouquet,” Lauren told Style Me Pretty in a recent interview. “Working with Cambria (of Cambria Grace Photography) is always a dream, and these photos are pure magic – us grandkids cannot wait to see Nina & Gramps’ faces when they open these photos on Christmas morning!” That’s just a few days away and we hope the elderly couple enjoys every photo.

up inspired anniversary photoshoot

Check out the series here.

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