Photographer Shoots Skate Boarders Doing Tricks and Kicking Up a Cloud of Dust

tomas januska

Lithuanian photographer Tomas Januska’s latest work is a collection of images of downhill skate boarders doing slides while kicking up quite a storm of dust. A number of these photographs won awards in some photo contests. Januska is fascinated by movement which is why he pursued this project.  “Movement means a lot to me. Therefore, in this photo series I wanted to capture extreme sport riders in the sliding moment while joining movement with dust.  The aim of this was to capture the technicality of the sliding movement, something that is also shown in races but differently.”

tomas januska photo

The result is a series of dramatic images capturing the sport of skateboarding. Januska also has passion for shooting portraits which he does a lot of, but his main enthusiasm is really for action images. He takes pleasure in shooting various action shots due to its unpredictability.

tomas januska photo high speed

“The moment when you see the final shot can blow you away with a freezing “arrow” of beauty.” His latest work that captures downhill skateboarders doing power slides with dust showing the art of the sliding movement, is highlighted by the colorful dirt.

tomas januska photo action

Powersliding happens when the four wheels are touching the ground and one moves sideways. It’s rather difficult, and takes years of practice, since the wheels will gain traction since they are made of urethane. The firmer the wheels are, the easier it’s going to be to power slide because there will be less traction. Softer wheels offer more traction, so effectively making it harder to power slide.

tomas januska photography

Raised in Kretinga, Lithuania, Januska took-up photography in London UEL University. He now lives in London and works as a photographer at DigiToast Productions. He began his photography in 2009 when for the first time he acquired his first camera and was introduced into the world of photography.

tomas januska photographer

See his growing body of work here.

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