Photographer Shoots Travel Log, Frames Photos with the Window of Her Van


Photographer Alison Turner recently spent close to a month in New Zealand, and she was greeted by a rather unpleasant experience on her very first stop.  All her personal effects were stolen, but luckily her wallet, passport and cell phone were spared in the theft. Not one to allow a spoiler to ruin the rest of her trip, she used the camera of her cell phone to shoot pictures of what she would see throughout the rest of the trip. Ever the inventive artist, she used a unique and distinct twist for perspective. Turner shot all her pictures framing them with the window of the van she was riding.

vanscapes landscape

Quite aptly, these scenic views are collectively called Vanscapes. “Instead of the common ‘I wish you were here’ postcard, I posted several of my Vanscapes on Instagram from inside of the van looking out so they would get the feeling that they were with me,” shared turner through Lenscratch.

vanscapes landscape photo

Turner was born and raised in Southern California, and she learned early on of the joys of long family road trips. She has spent much of the last five years traveling in all sorts of ‘planes trains and automobiles’. She has taken to the road by car or van and with camera in tow, has traversed much of the U.S. taking photographs along the way. Her journeys have taken her in front of incredible views and allowed her to meet Americans from all walks of life.

photo vanscapes landscape

Her work has been exhibited extensively and has been published with first-rate exposure. Vanscapes is proof of not just her resilience, but her ability to turn an adverse situation into a creative opportunity.

photo vanscapes landscape travel

She recently shared how she came to create the series, Vanscapes.

For the next three weeks, I took photos every day of the places I came across with my iphone. I wanted to remember what it was like living in the van and looking out to the beautiful scenery every day so I found myself taking photographs from the driver’s seat, while framing each image with the passenger window. Each day, the Vanscape views were so different from the previous day. I wanted to show a variety of locations to give the viewer a sense of being there, along for the ride.”

travel photo vanscapes landscape

landscape photo vanscapes landscape

vanscapes landscape landscape photo series

Vanscapes along with Turner’s other works can be seen here.

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