Photographer Stages Scenarios with Miniature Star Wars Figures

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Star Wars is an American space saga franchise that revolves around an epic film series conceived by George Lucas. The entire film series is made up of two trilogies, and has given birth to an extensive media franchise known as the Expanded Universe which includes countless publications, television series, computer and video games, in addition to comic books. Words and characters like Jedi, Darth Vader, and Light sabers have become ingrained into modern popular culture. Many from all over the world have gone crazy over the Star Wars theme, and one such individual is Zahir Batin.

star wars figures

Batin is a Malaysian photographer, and he brings together his talent for photography, paper art and miniature figures to put his own spin on the Star Wars saga.

He puts together various miniature figures along with other toys to depict scenes that form part of his version of the sci-fi epic. Batin photographs these staged scenarios up close to make them appear more like actual life-sized actors. Many perhaps would not pass the storyboards of a George Lucas, but for a certain Batin from Malaysia, these images are more than good enough.

darth vader star wars

Several of them are comical, while some are quite convincing scenes that do the big screen version justice. Batin shows the behind-the-scenes preparations that are required for the photo series in his Facebook account.

Anyone wanting to do similar miniature photography can use his techniques and methods to create their own unique dramatic scenes, be it Star Wars themed or any other subject. He makes use of many simple tools like strings, wires and even twigs to pose his figures. Photoshop is used to visually clean-up these aids to polish his final photographs.

star wars figurines

Check out his amazingly intricate work here, and as all Star Wars aficionados would say, “May the force be with you!”

figurines star wars

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