Photographer Throws Milk on People and Captures Their Reactions


Alexander J.E. Bradley is one of those artists that have been bitten by the ‘liquid art’ bug. Finding a different use for milk besides being the perfect complete meal, he throws the liquid at his subjects. The Melbourne-born Bradley has dabbled in many creative roles, being photographer, producer and filmmaker.

milk thrown

After taking up media and photography Bradley wrote and directed plays for Melbourne Fringe and later filmed a short piece, which garnered the Best Narrative and Overall First prize at the ACMI Die Gesis Festival.  He is currently based in France working as a camera operator and producer in Paris. Bradley’s work has since been featured in various international magazines.

alexander bradley milking

Many of these photos are from The Great Spectacle of the Milking. As mentioned earlier, it involves the profound act of throwing milk at people.

“Nobody believes me when I tell them that I throw milk on people for a living,” said Bradley in recent interview, “But of course when they look at my photos, their reactions are priceless… lots of smiles, laughs and bewilderment. And I think, that’s probably why I keep doing it!”

milking photo series

Bradley came up with the zany idea during a trip to his native Australia around three years ago. He had plans of throwing a party for his closest friends, and wanted to shoot some photos of having milk thrown at them. “I searched the internet for the image I had in my head, but I couldn’t find it anywhere,” recalled Bradley. “Because I didn’t want to live in this kind of depressing milkless world, I took the initiative and decided to shoot one myself. My friends and I grabbed some milk, asked a friend if he would be cool if we threw milk on him, he said yes, and the rest is history. It was fun and everyone got a kick out of it.”

photo series milking

When he returned to Paris, he made up his mind to create a collection called, “Le Grand Spectacle du Lait” or The Great Spectacle of the Milking. To put the plan into action, Bradley got volunteers who agreed to get, well… ‘milked’. The sessions were usually long, but nonetheless fun, with up to 10 people getting ‘milked’ over and over.

milk action shot liquid

See the results of this most unusual idea here.

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