Photographer Transforms Ordinary People into Fitness Models with “Hollywood-Level Lighting”

benjamin von wong

Photographer Benjamin Von Wong wanted to prove something with his talent. That even the most ordinary people, (based on Hollywood standards anyway) can look fabulous in a photoshoot that has professionally scaled budgets and production values.

photo benjamin von wong benjamin von wong photo

Von Wong along with his team of professionals set out to photograph people from regular walks of life, and transform them into billboard worthy super athletes we are accustomed to looking at in magazine ads. And mind you, he did not use any Photoshop.

The results are fabulous and it just comes to show you how the marketing machine of large companies can deliver similar pictures. These are everyday people, plain Janes and regular Joes , office workers, mothers, programmers and office employees who put their trust in Von Wong and his production magic.

photo series benjamin von wong benjamin von wong photo series

It is pretty safe to assume no one was disappointed. One could mistake any of these images to belong to some world class, global brand of sporting equipment. One woman involved, Liz, a mother of 3 looked every inch like an Olympian power lifter. Chris, a 61 year old grandfather of 12 could be the next cycling gold medalist.

Using gear amounting to $20,000 especially lighting equipment and a homemade rain machine, Von Wong was out to prove something to these individuals. “I wanted to prove to them how amazing they looked, straight out of camera.

 fitness photo series benjamin von wong

photo series benjamin von wong fitness

“Hollywood-level lighting” makes a huge difference. Once set up properly, anyone can look absolutely phenomenal straight out of camera. Muscles beautifully defined, faces perfectly lit.” said Von Wong. His results are just phenomenal. Stephanie, a 24 year old Front Office Executive could well be another Ronda Rousy. But terrific results take time, and time is money, Von Wong practically points out.

“We took 2000 shots in a single day in order to produce fewer than 20 final photographs. Each person had to try out a variety of different poses before even beginning to perfect the one that worked.”

photo series benjamin von wong

photo series benjamin von wong

See Von Wong’s work and how his photography wizardry can bring out the best in people, here.

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