Photographer Turns Mundane Soap Bubbles into Fleeting Little Globes of Art

richard heeks

Photographer Richard Heeks has made an art out of two rather mundane things put together. Simple reflections of everyday life and ordinary soap bubbles. Together they combine to create lovely little globes reflecting images of the world around us. Heeks initially found inspiration for his bubble art from the 1982 movie, Blade Runner. That movie featured a close-up shot of a landscape reflected in an eye. This was bolstered by a photo session he had when taking close-up shots of his wife’s own eyes.  During that pictorial his nieces were playing with soap bubbles in the yard and he noticed the charming reflections being mirrored by the little globes. It was at this point that he connected the dots of both eyes and bubbles as reflections of the world.

richard heeks bubbles

His unbelievable series of images reflected in various bubbles are absolutely amazing, but the technique required to capture such amazing photographs took many years to refine as he perfected the technique in Exeter, Devon. The result is a portfolio that is uniquely original.

richard heeks photos

“Most of my bubble photos were taken in my garden in Exeter where I was living a couple of years ago. My house was in the rural grounds of a beautiful old red brick lunatic asylum that had been converted into housing. There were lots of beautiful things to reflect, such as the red brick buildings and large old trees.”

richard heeks reflection

After purchasing an inexpensive digital camera in 2005, his passion for photography grew. He upgrades gear every two years, and his camera is now a constant companion. Doing his bubble art, he shared that he tends to “use the sun or bright buildings for light,” in addition to “dark and shadowed or secluded areas for a dark background.” Heeks also said that for the most part “relying on nature” is a good approach since he has found that “the best shots tend to be natural.”

reflection richard heeks photo

reflection richard heeks

See his incredible reflections on bubbles here.

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