Photographer Turns Mundane Water Droplets into Works of Art


Water droplets can be annoying for most people, but for a tiny fraction of individuals out there, they can be a source creative fulfillment. People who like to experiment with the possibilities of water droplet photography are in for a big treat in this series staged by German photographer Heinz Maier.

water droplet

Using a hydraulic contraption, Maier captures the minute moments of time in which multiple drops of falling water interact with each other with results resembling complex glass sculptures.

Maier’s lighting tools are very simple ones comprised of a tiny makeshift cardboard soft box with two flashes, and some sample gels complete with spindle holes. The results he gets though with such a ‘backyard’ set-up are amazing.


Maier began photography only about a year ago, but his high-speed water drop images have already attracted much attention. His creativity serves as an example to many that true ingenuity does not necessarily need high tech gadgetry. The Germany-based artist is not yet sure about what specific niche he will pursue, but for now he is content dabbling in macro photography. He has been experimenting with mostly insects, animals, and these tantalizing high speed water droplets.

waterdroplet photo

“I’ve been photographing since the end of 2010,” he said. “I’m fascinated by everything in the photography I would really like to try everything at once but one after another. I do not know yet which genre I would be developing in, but right now I am experimenting in macro photography (insect and water drop photography). I photograph in my free time; that is the best way for me to relax.”

waterdroplet photography

Maier is a factory plant operator from Stuttgart and he pursues his photography hobby in the evenings, when his job and family obligations permit. It is turning out to be quite a hobby though, getting 600,000 hits in a matter of just a few months.

waterdroplet photos

See his incredible water droplet images here.

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