Photographer Uses Instagram Layout to Create Unique Collages

Collage Instagram

Photographer Ng Weijiang has found a rather peculiar way to create ‘art’. The Singapore based lens man makes digital collages using Instagram. Rather than use Photoshop to morph images together, or print them and combine the old school way, Weijiang takes advantage of the online formatting to do the work for him. Here’s how: Instagram currently displays three images side-by-side horizontally, with practically no limitations on how far the images can descend.

ng weijang 9x9 collage instagram

Weijiang typically takes 9-image installments, but occasionally deviates provided the number is divisible by 3 so the images align well when viewed as a cohesive whole. Weijiang however did not start his Instagram account with that intention.

ng weijang collage instagram 3x3

As for the monochrome images, he definitely had black and white photography as a personal style from the very beginning. There are actually times when the images look great viewed individually, but the wider, larger pictures make everything seem dreamlike and even more astounding. Lots of artists are searching for creative ways to produce new art forms, and Weijiang seems to have found his.

ng weijang collage instagram 9x9

Many other photographers have taken traditional techniques and bent them into all sorts of wild methods and directions, and the digital landscape has made this just all too possible. For Weijiang, computer screens and web formatting itself provided the unique way to re-invent the art of the collage. His simple but ingenious technique takes advantage of the website’s layout to automatically produce unconventional collages.

ng weijang collage instagram

Obviously Weijiang’s uploads go beyond the conventional decisions and choices like filters or photo-editing apps to be used. His black and white images of everyday life, architecture, and portraits transform into well thought-out pictures when combined, exploiting the three-in-a-row viewing format of Instagram.

See his incredible results here.

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