Photographer Uses Long Exposure Photography to Capture A Day’s Sunset and Sunrise in One Image

mt fuji one day photo series

Japanese photographer Ken Kitano is a conceptual photographer whose expertise is in long exposure images. He combines these shots, creating new amalgamated photograph. One Day is such a collection, where Kitano demonstrates his inventive concepts through various landscapes.

one day photo series

In the series Kitano masterfully uses long exposure techniques to document dawn till dusk of entire days. The result is a collection of panoramic landscapes and cityscapes, and we see the sun as it rises in the sky, appearing more like a meteor either shooting up, or down. It is an awesome series that brings fresh perspective to otherwise ordinary, daily events we take for granted.

city skyline one day photo series

As the backgrounds all largely appear static, Kitano animates the sky as a streak of light is formed by the sun as the day progresses. There is an apocalyptic nature to the collection, as we behold the various celestial beams that are created in each image of Kitano’s One Day. Through the collection, Kitano hopes to stir an enhanced awareness of the earth and all of its grandeur and splendor, which he achieves so powerfully.

landscape one day photo series

“There is no such thing as ‘the center’ in this world. I imagine the world to be composed of many localities,” says Kitano as he expressed some conceptual philosophies. Motivated by explorations of process, Kitano’s trademark technique captures the many fleeting and temporal events that largely get ignored, but are nonetheless spectacular, such as the daily miracle of a day unfolding.

landscape one day photo series

Ken Kitano was born in 1968 in Tokyo, and finished his education in 1991 at Nihon University’s College of Industrial Technology. From 1993 and onwards Kitano has worked as a freelance photographer. He gained critical acclaim with the release in 2005 of his Our Face collection, group portraits made by fusing several individual portraits into single photographs. For that he won the Newcomer’s Award from the Photographic Society of Japan in 2007.

one day photo series long exposure

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