Photographer Visually Toys with Clouds in Self-Portrait Series


These days, when you mention the word cloud, most people think you are referring to cloud computing or cloud storage. Not with Markus Einspannier. The German artist likes to play with clouds, the organic ones you see in the sky, that is. He is a creative man with a very lighthearted side, which is apparent in his self-portraits toying around visually with clouds.

cloud photo

Like most of us, Einspannier grew up always gazing up in wonder at the sky. One day he began trying some shots with a Polaroid camera which he received for his 13th birthday. Unlike most of us, as Einspannier grew up, he never lost his sense of imagination and child-like fascination for things. He has been so enamored with clouds that his friends gave him the nickname Wolkenonkel, which means “Cloud Uncle.”

photo cloud

In his series, Einspannier creates some illusions with clouds as he creatively places objects to compose some imaginative scenarios. For instance, he can be seen blowing billows of smoke creating a cloud of steam with his hands, drawing a white line in the sky (with jet stream as the line), or even hold various cups with streams of steam emanating from them. It is very creative stuff with minimal props, and yet the end results are quite convincing.

photo cloud Markus Einspannier

Einspannier shared how this love affair with clouds has been nurtured through the years.

“My parents kept asking me why I always gaze up into the sky and what do I see there,” recalls Einspannier, whose developing passion for clouds was encouraged by his parents’ gift on his 13th birthday – a Polaroid camera. “I started holding up different items towards the sky. Or I would jump in the air until the photograph created the illusion of me standing on the cloud.”

Markus Einspannier photo cloud

The images are thoroughly amusing and his imagination is just remarkable. In one photo he holds a ball of cotton, but visually connects it with a cloud formation in the sky, creating the illusion that he is touching a real cloud. In still another shot he holds a peeled banana to what appears to be the jaws of clouds formed in the sky.

Markus Einspannier

See for yourself how this fellow makes magic with various cloud formations here.

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