Photographers Decked Out in Hunting Gear Blend into Background in Clever Marketing Campaign

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Hunting or warfare usually requires garments that tries to hide you as much as possible. This kind of garments is normally referred to as camouflage, which is the use of any combination of materials, colors or lighting for concealment. Both humans and animals use camouflage during specific tasks.

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Some common types include a soldier’s combat uniform or a leopard’s spotted coat. Military camouflage was necessitated by the growing range and accuracy of weapons in the 19th century. Specifically the replacement of the erroneous musket with the rifle made soldier concealment in battle a matter of life and death.

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Military camouflage developed quickly in the 20th century, mostly during the First World War. Artists like André Mare designed camouflage themes and observation posts that resembled trees. In the ocean, warships and troop carriers were colored in patterns that were very visible, but designed to disorient adversarial gunners as to the target’s range, speed, in addition to heading. A diversity of camouflage schemes were used for aircraft and for ground vehicles in many theatres of war as well as after the Second World War.


Non-combat employment of camouflage includes cell telephone towers being made to look less conspicuous and aiding hunters to approach alert game prey. In everyday clothing, schemes inspired from military camouflage are typically used in fashion clothing, using their bold designs.

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In this pictorial, American retailer Realtree does a great job of pitching their product line. What better way to sell your hunting gear than to show exactly how invisible the wearer can get. In these photographs, hunters who are using Realtree hunting apparel practically disappear into the background. They blend into the environment so well that it is very difficult to discern them from the natural landscape unless you purposely look very hard. If you were unaware, these hunters would go totally unnoticed.

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