Photographer’s Fantastic Journey to France’s Historic Sites

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The French Institute in New York and Atout France devised an ingenious way to showcase France’s unique cultural heritage. Both institutions hired photographer Maia Flore and commissioned her to do ImagineFrance.

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The project would entail Flore photographing 25 essential cultural sites, while injecting her unique creativity.  For two months, Flore and her partner Jeremy Joseph journeyed around France, exploring the different facets of the country.

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Flore visited the 25 identified sites which included churches, castles, museums and parks, all of which became her backdrop. The Musée Fabre de Montpellier Agglomération, the site du Pont du Gard, The Water Mirror, Bordeaux, the Cite of Carcassonne, the Papal Palace and the Roman Aqueduct are just a few that comprise the 25 images. Flore would playfully take part with herself in most of the images.

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France and its rich treasures trove of historical sites provide an incredible setting and scenery for an artist as inventive and graceful as Maia Flore. People still remember her Sleep Elevation series where ravishing young women were suspended from clouds, putting Flore on the creative map instantly.

Flore belongs to a new wave of talent that is part of a “nouveau photography” born out of the digital age. It is a creative movement where images are the product of both in-camera technique, but with equal amounts of digital post-production enhancement. This new movement has opened the floodgates for unparalleled levels of conceptual photography, which from what we are seeing has yet to find its limitations and boundaries.

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Flore is an excellent purveyor and example of this new and emerging style, with ImagineFrance as a tour de force. Flore recounted her experience while producing the collection.

“We discovered new cities and monuments and we had to create our own stories about them. We spent time in museums that were empty! We enjoyed having an entire castle to ourselves starting at 7am to see the sun come up. That seems crazy when I write about that today.”

maia flore france creative

Believe us when we tell you that ImagineFrance is a cut above the rest, as you can see here.

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