Photography Travels the World on a Bicycle, Documents His Experience on Blog and Social Media

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Around two years ago in 2011, British photographer Rob Lutter left the daily grind of his life in London, got on his bicycle, and began an ambitious adventure around the world. The journey which he calls The Lifecycle, has so far brought him more than 10,000 miles east across Europe and Asia. While on the road trip, he has been documenting the journey in photos, viewable on his Instagram account and a journal.

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Lutter is also raising funds for several charities, which include organizations concerning the global water crisis and mental health issues. Lutter is afflicted with OCD, and is seeking to overcome his own battles with this condition through this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

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OCD or obsessive-compulsive disorder is an anxiety disorder typified by intrusive thoughts that create apprehension, fear, uneasiness, or worry; manifested in repetitive behaviors aimed at reducing the related anxiety; or by a mixture of such obsessions and compulsions.

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Lutter aimed to raise a British pound for every of the 40,000 kilometers that he would eventually travel. Self-funded up to his stop in Hong Kong, he sought assistance to carry on with the journey through Kickstarter.

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It’s certainly not an easy task to traverse long distances on a bicycle. Lutter shares some of his experience with,

The sun breaking through rain clouds. People waving and smiling at me in fields. Reaching the top of a hill and letting my legs rest as I roll down the other side at high speed. Being super hungry and then really super satisfied; you can appreciate a simple French baguette with jam so much more after you’ve cycled 50 kilometers [31 miles] to the next town and found the bakery.

I find myself with time on this journey to stop and go, “Wow, this is truly beautiful.” Life is so intricate and detailed, from the weather to the wildlife. The trip as a whole, due to thousands of small moments like this, has left me taking things less for granted. Out on the road it’s possible to see the wonder in everything.

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With a little help from Kickstarter, Lutter is back on track with his globetrotting, happily sharing his ups and downs on his blog and through his various social media accounts.

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