Photos of a Lush Costa Rica Blanketed in Flower Petals to Demonstrate the Capabilities of Sony‘s New 4k TV

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Global advertising agency giant, McCann recently solicited the services of photographer Nick Meek to demonstrate the capabilities of Sony‘s new 4k TV in a forthcoming advertising blitz. The new monitor model is touted to be four times better than the detail of full high definition. The creative team went to the colorful tropics of Costa Rica, where they shot the abundant and pulsating botanical life where hundreds of multicolored leaves and flowers could be seen for more than fourteen days.

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Costa Rica has a rich variety of animals and plants. Although the country has just approximately 0.1% of the planet’s landmass, it has 5% of the world’s biodiversity. About 25% of Costa Rica’s land area is protected national parks and protected areas, the largest percentage of protected areas for any country. Costa Rica has effectively managed to reduce deforestation from some of the most terrible rates in the world from 1973 to 1989, to practically zero by 2005.

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The campaign took the creative team and many locals of a whole village more than fourteen days to gather the floral best. The brightest, most effervescent flowers available were chosen. A total of 8 million flower petals were amassed, symbolic of the immense 8 million pixel display of the new 4K TV monitor.  A special effects team was on hand to orchestrate the release of all the flower petals onto the thriving Costa Rican scenery. The result was spectacular visuals of flower petals engulfing the exotic location.

costa rica sony flower petals

These images would be the essential visuals for the ad campaign.  Showcasing the superiority in focus of the new TV, the botanicals were scattered throughout the island, blown like confetti into suburban streets, exploded out from a nearby volcano, and used to blanket a pathway while a young skateboarder zipped by. The intricacies in each photograph illustrate the tremendous quality of Sony’s new model, unprecedented in sharpness and clarity that the viewer can be hypnotized by the realism of each image.

flower petals costa rica sony

See the work achieved by McCann here.

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