Photos of Aquatic Filmmaker and His Astounding 31-Day Underwater Adventure in the Florida Keys

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There can perhaps be no better pedigree to carry than the name of Cousteau when it comes to sea exploration. No doubt you are talking about royalty here when it comes to pioneering studies conducted throughout the vast oceans. Jacques-Yves Cousteau’s name towers above in a pantheon that is occupied by a very scant few, and it is exciting to know that his legacy and spirit for discovery and investigation lives on in his grandson, Fabien Cousteau.

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Cousteau recently made headlines as he consummated an epic 31-day mission living underwater in the Florida Keys. True to his bloodlines, he said he wished he could have extended his stay. “I personally would have loved to have continued beyond 31 days,” Cousteau declared at a news conference, just hours after he ascended back to the surface, ending a month long adventure.”I didn’t know how I was going to react — physically, psychologically,” he said of his time spent in a small vessel underwater on the ocean floor. “And it was amazing how much it felt like home.”

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Cousteau and his colleagues subsisted on freeze-dried food as well as other provisions while they did marine experiments from the lab and surveyed the marine life.  The entire mission could be seen as it was webcast on the internet. Like all other extended journeys, the mission was not without its difficulties.

fabien cousteau diving

“Of course we all missed our families and friend,” said Cousteau. “But it was such a unique experience and something I wish, hope in some way we were able to gift to the world — so they could peek into this unusual thing we did and feel like they were part of the mission.”

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The protracted immersion yielded enough research for approximately ten new research papers, an improbable result had they resorted to many dives in place of the extended submersion. Cousteau plans to release a documentary about the adventure, dubbed Mission 31 this November at the BLUE Ocean Film Fest in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Read more about Fabien Cousteau and his projects here.

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