Photos of China’s Rustic and Mountainous Terrain

zhang ning terraces

Photographer Zhang Ning is lucky to have the bounty and richness of her native China to shoot. Her photos of south-west China’s rustic and mountainous terrain are so vivid with color that it almost seems unreal. From a distance, Zhang Nings images capture the stunning perfection of the steep layered farmland of south-west China, very much looking like a beautiful flower garden bed in a prolific gardener’s backyard.

zhang ning chinese terrain

This area of China is extremely blessed with natural resources which include copper, coal in addition to limestone. It is this mineral density that lends the color to the cartoon-like landscape which jumps at you in Zhang Ning’s photos.

terraces zhang ning

Ning, who is from Dongguan, Guangdong, China, was able to photograph the unbelievable images while visiting Yunnan, Guangxi, and Guizhou provinces. “These three provinces are a paradise for photographers,” said Ning recently in an interview. “They show how beautiful the landscape is and send a message that it is a very tough and harsh life for those who have shaped the landscape.”

china zhang ning

In her series of pictures, one can see the well-known rice terraces in Dazai Village in addition to luminous, multicolored fields. Each image is rich with breathtaking geographic sceneries, landscapes, folk cultures and its people behind it.  Ning is able to show the endless abundance that seems unending in China.

zhang ning china

The provinces shown are situated in the south-west where it is very hilly and natives have to make the most of the terrain. They build terraces for more efficient and productive farming yield. “I have been told by someone looking at my pictures that they never realized China was so beautiful,” said Ning. Beautiful and spectacular indeed.

zhang ning

See some of the unbelievable images of this vast country from Ning’s amazing series here.

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