Photos of Flower Vases at the Precise Moment They Are Shattered by a Steel Ball

martin klimas

How many ways can you break a vase? The answer is in an infinite number and manner of ways. We all know vases are meant for flowers, but what else can these breakable pieces of décor be useful for? For smashing up of course! This is what German Photographer Martin Klimas does. He breaks various vases with a steel ball and uses a very fast camera to shoot it right at the precise instant it shatters.

martin klimas high speed photography

What Klimas gets is a violent but striking contrast between the eternal and delicate flowers in them, as opposed to the jaggedness of the shattering vase itself. Klimas is able to explore the different ways in which various vases shatter depending on their fundamental material. Glass appears to shatter into small shards while stoneware and ceramic tends to fragment into large pieces. The series is simply called Flowervases.

red flower vase martin klimas

Klimas is a professional lensman from Düsseldorf, Germany, and for the past fourteen years his work has been showcased in numerous group expositions. He has had a couple of solo exhibitions in numerous areas that include Milan (Italy), Düsseldorf (Germany), and New York (USA) since 2004. Klimas has shot many series’ similar to Flowervases, featuring shattering porcelain and flower vases, capturing the exact moment of destruction in his dramatic photos.

martin klimas tulips

On capturing an object at the precise moment it is destroyed, Klimas said, “Many of the things I photograph cannot normally be seen with the human eye. There’s no way to explain how paint mixes while vibrating, or how the pieces of a flower fall while exploding. My images deliver these explanations by making the processes visible—the chaos and the unknown turn into order and knowledge.” Klimas was making reference here to another series where he photographed flowers that were immersed in liquid nitrogen then treated to a shot from an air cannon.

flower vase shattering martin klimas

Flowervases and other unique, offbeat concepts can be viewed at Klimas’ website.

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