Photos of Hong Kong’s High-Rise Buildings

yellow and orange building

While metropolitan centers run out of precious real estate, the demand for space just keep on mounting and escalating at disproportionately demanding rates. Urban planners are scampering to address the demand with more and more examples of vertical development sprouting-up in all the major cities around the globe. Hong Kong, is no exception to this, and is in fact one of the most aggressive places that is building sky high infrastructure. With a burgeoning population of 7 million cramped into a tiny area of 426 square miles, Hong Kong is easily one of the most densely populated areas around the globe. Faced with this limitation and the impossible prospect to expand horizontally, builders are forced to look simply upward. Buildings, housing apartments and condominiums are stretching more into the skies as developers hurry to provide more living space. Michael Wolf, a German photographer created a photo series showing this ubiquitous high rise homes, in a project called Architecture of Density.

hong kong apartment building

high-rise buildings in hongkong housing

The photos are taken from rather close vantage points, creating the illusion of hypnotizing shapes and patterns. These photos can be visually disorienting as the repeating patterns of windows, balconies, and cooling systems play tricks on the eye.

hong kong high rise apartments

buildings in hong kong

The images have been published in a book, and the blurb has this to say:

“Stunning and sobering, the photographs of high-rise apartment buildings in Hong Kong by German photographer Michael Wolf reveal his personal fascination with life in mega-cities. Having lived there for several years, Wolf began to document Hong Kongs extreme development and complex urban dynamics, and how these factors play into the relationships between public and private space, anonymity and individuality, in one of the most densely populated cities on the planet. His close-up view takes the repetitive facades and colourful palettes out of their architectural context, instead offering urban patterns.”

pink and green apartment buildings in hong kong

housing in hong kong

The full set of images can be found here. View more pictures by Michael Wolf over on his website.

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