Photos of ‘It Girl’ Kate Upton on Vogue

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Kate Upton is no doubt the “it” girl for now. As her star continues to shine incredibly bright, no less than photographer extraordinaire Mario Testino captures her full-bodied appeal for a forthcoming Vogue issue. Testino is easily one of the world’s most accomplished photographers. His work is much sought after in contemporary fashion and beauty circles. He has been featured in iconic magazines from Vogue to Vanity Fair. His works also encompasses the success of many top fashion and beauty houses via advertising campaigns, from Gucci to Burberry to Versace and Dolce & Gabbana.

kate upton inspired by marilyn monroe

His shots for the June 2013 Vogue issue of Kate Upton are typical Testino all the way. The photo spread depicts this classy lady in various casual outfits in both indoor and outdoor settings. One would also be utterly blind to not see the voluptuous Upton, just bursting at the seams with her full, sexy figure.  The American model and actress catapulted into worldwide popularity with her photos in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue initially in 2011, reprising that in 2012 and 2013, when she was the cover model.

vogue kate upton

Upton is just ravishing in the upcoming Vogue issue. Her appearance and mega popularity is also another blow to the waif thin, gaunt looking models that have been the subject of controversy, not just in the modeling world, but among women in general.

kate upton on horse

Reprisals towards unhealthily skinny models are becoming even more evident as more normally sized women are able to break into the fashion industry mainstream.  Plus size models like Tara Lynn and Ashley Graham are appealing more and more to both women and men because of their realistic body figures that regular people can identify with.

kate upton vogue shoot

Their full figures have been embraced, more so as horror stories have emerged of reed thin models at fashion shows, being intravenously fed backstage before doing the catwalk. While Upton is certainly not a plus size model, her generous curves hardly remind you of the emaciated and starved women that are slowly becoming extinct from both the ramp and in print campaigns. Perhaps we are at the cusp of once again celebrating the return of the buxom woman.

kate upton equestrian shoot

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