Photos of LEGO Sculptures in Typical Scenes of Americana

LEGO sculptures have rarely been depicted in this unique partnership of whimsical, surreal photography and extraordinary art. The photo series entitled In Pieces shows typical scenes of Americana, but with an original LEGO creation integrated into the image. The series is the product of two artists, photographer Dean West and LEGO sculptor Nathan Sawaya.

Here are some behind-the-scenes look on the construction of the red dress in the photo below:

guy standing in bathroom with lego sculptures

girl in red dress in vintage americana scene

girl holding dog by the leash in vintage americana scene

New York-based Nathan Sawaya is an artist who creates remarkable works of art out of some of the most unusual materials. His recent exhibitions feature large-scale sculptures using only LEGO bricks. A full-time independent artist, Sawaya showcases his art in galleries in New York, Miami and Maui. His talent to transform LEGO bricks into original pieces and his meticulous attention to detail puts him in that unique position to be one the few artists who can use ordinary objects and transform them into fine art.

guy in coat standing in rain under LEGO umbrella

vintage americana scene

Dean West on the other hand is being referred to as “one of the world’s best emerging photographers” (After Capture Magazine). His contemporary portraiture style is highly conceptual. He is also a master of thought-provoking imagery. His style is surreal and is able to portray the unimaginable and bizarre with a dreamlike veneer.

man standing in front of rail road tracks LEGO sculpture

vintage americana scene dessert

Their collaboration makes for a captivating series of photographs where their combined talents exponentially multiply the creative drama. It is also very subtle at times, so part of the experience is looking for the LEGO sculptures as they disappear into the picture. The website describes the collection of images this way:

“The project is a series of tableau compositions based on ideas about nature, culture, society and more specifically, identity. Identity as a cultural creation has been heavily commercialized and manipulated, and we prominently portray this through a highly stylized representation of contemporary life. The integration of Sawaya’s unique sculpture is key to the series’ narrative and aesthetic.

Referencing the aesthetic of the American Postcard in both the style and content- the series has been colour graded with pastels such as warm yellows and pale blues. The imagery, from a distance, appears entirely photographic. However, as the viewer begins to digest the images, the series reveals its brick by brick fabricated construction. The brick by brick, layer-by-layer process also represents the direct process involved with digital photography today with clear references to pixilation and technology.”

Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos

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