Photos of Napoleon the Cat’s Incredible Exploits


Jesús Segura recently found himself jobless for over a year, but that certainly did not make him idle. Instead he decided to use his spare time which he had an abundance of, taking shots of his sweet tiny kitten called Napoleon, depicted in various adventures.

Jesús Segura cat

Using creative props and some smart digital editing, Segura came-up with incredible scenes as his adorable Napoleon can be seen riding a hot air balloon, tangling with a giant squid, beaming up into a UFO, and even drunk at bar. Segura was inspired by Napoleon’s unbelievably communicative face, which made him the perfect subject for the ridiculous but cute scenarios. He recently shared some of his insights on his feline pet.

cat Jesús Segura

“As a kitten, Napoleon is so curious and he discovers things everyday. Every little daily detail is a new challenge, and I thought, “What if those challenges were growing more and more? What if he had to deal with strange, fantastic or absurd situations that no cat could possibly live in the real world?” So that was the starting point,” said Segura.

cat Jesús Segura

To shoot the series he used a Canon Eos 5D Mark II, knowing a full frame camera was required for that ‘cinema’ look. He wisely used LED lights, since he anticipated that flash photography might startle Napoleon. LEDs, Segura discovered, can also provide a wide range of lighting without heating-up the set. He was also very careful when setting the lights because you need to have a vision of the final product after the post production editing.

cat Jesús Segura photo

The real lighting that is in place when you take the shot has to be very similar to the ‘virtual’ lighting that you will add later, according to Segura. Certainly some techniques worth taking stock of, based on the results of his work.

photo cat Jesús Segura

Segura has since turned his photographs of Napoleon into a postcard set, limited edition prints, as well as a calendar which are at present raising funds on Indiegogo.

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