Photos of New York City Shot from As High as 7,500 Feet Above

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Unless you are from another planet, everyone knows of The Big Apple. But who exactly is this artist who recently captured some of the most amazing aerial views of NYC? The man is Vincent Laforet, a French American director and photographer. Laforet was accorded a shared 2002 Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography with two other photographers as a member of The New York Times staff.

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They chronicled in pictures the post 9/11 events overseas that showed the suffering and the determination of people enduring prolonged conflict in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Laforet in 2006 became the Times’s first national contract photographer. He has done work for various publications including but not limited to National Geographic, Sports Illustrated, Vanity Fair, The New York Times Magazine, Time, Newsweek, and Life.

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This project is something Laforet has dreamed of capturing for years. Finally becoming a reality, the Pulitzer Prize-winning Laforet released a magnificent collection of images that captures his hometown NYC in a manner that has never before been seen.

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Shot from a vertigo-inducing 7500-feet above the city, Laforet’s Night Over New York series shows the non-stop energy that radiates from the Big Apple’s iconography. Laforet is now also into filmmaking and is working on his first feature. Last December, however, he found himself strapped into a harness, hanging from a chopper high over New York City to shoot a view he had been envisioning for 25 years.

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Laforet recently spoke in an interview about the Night Over New York series. “I was contacted by Men’s Health magazine to shoot a story about psychology and coincidence. I talked to them about how, to me, the city has always looked like a circuit board or brain synapses, and I wanted to go up in the air.”

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On the breath-taking results, he had this to say. “I generally don’t like to compliment my own work, because I don’t really like it, but this is a very rare series of photographs that I’ve seldom seen. So, I’m just as excited as everyone else because, other than World War II images from bombers during the daytime or satellite images, I don’t think many of us have seen this angle very often.”

aerial shot new york city

See the amazing collection as well as other unique visuals here.

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