Photos of Patterns and Repetitions in Architecture

window patterns

Taken out of the context of urban centers and other city related structures, you would be hard pressed to guess the source of these repeating shapes. They would appear to be more like abstract works taken from some modern expression of a kind of nouveau art. Though incidental, perhaps that’s what it is. To the eyes of Photographer Jared Lim, these elements of colors, patterns and shapes are what elicit his camera’s attention.

window with sunlight reflecting

green pattern

The Singapore-based Lim sees himself as an urban explorer, and calls himself a “wanderer.” Perhaps a more appropriate term would be to call him an urban observer, as he is able to isolate these images of geometry, curves, lines, color and abstract designs thru his photographs. Architectural photography has always been an inclination for Lim ever since he started the craft. In his travels around the world, Lim is always sensitive to these shapes and recurring patterns that only a calibrated eye such as his can consistently see. Lim says he tries to get the images in camera and avoids making major corrections in post.

colorful patterns


He tells Chase Jarvis,

“I try to get my composition and lighting right during shooting so as to minimize the amount of post correction work. Post work mainly involves correction of lens distortion and perspective, because I am rather meticulous in my composition. I love strong colors and most of my work reflects that.”

window architecture

lit windows

Lim captures these images in both color and monochrome, depending on how he imagines the pictures will play out.

He articulates his passion for the geometric which he loves to shoot,

“I have always loved geometry, lines, curves, pattern and abstract designs. Architecture seems like a great way to express them. My added advantage of traveling to most major cities for my work gives me great opportunities. Urban Exploration comprise of my cities shots in colors, monochrome and street photography.​

​​Beyond that, I have great interest in other categories of Travel photography. I am passionate about traveling and photography not only allows me to express myself artistically but also to document my journey.”

black and white windows with color accent

colorful architecture

See more of his ode to the abstract over at his website.

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