Photos of Skyhanger at Perilous Heights

russian photographer hanging off side of building

Just when you think you’ve seen “crazy,” someone or a group of people comes up with a stunt even more insane. What motivates a person to taunt danger, or even death, really defies any sense of reason. But they are out there, the daredevils, the thrill-seekers, challenging the outer limits of fear, and how far one can go, stopping short of coming into any harm. One of these new fads is skywalking.

mustang wanted hanging over the side of a building

russian photographer hanging on cables of bridge

Russian photographers are credited with this craze which involves a photographer at dizzying heights, taking photos that are meant to make you feel queasy. It is the ultimate vertigo stimulator. If you suffer from acrophobia, this activity is a living hell. Pictures have been flooding the internet with these thrill-seekers, showing themselves at death defying heights. The craziest thing about this fad is there is no safety equipment involved at all. The main ingredients to Skywalking are: a young photographer (they are usually in their teens or early 20’s), a ridiculously high place, a camera, and a complete absence of any sense for safety.

feet walking on beam hanging over city

man hanging over side of building

But someone has just raised the bar! Enter Skyhanging! Here is one such “daredevil” from the Ukraine. Mustang Wanted, obviously a stage name, modifies the concept of being at ridiculously high locations, by dangling himself by his hand or feet, while someone else takes the photograph. Mr. Wanted has also been called a real life Spiderman because of the crazy antics he performs in outrageous elevations. He aspires to be a professional stuntman someday, and comes from an unlikely background as a legal advisor. He has a website where he describes his motivation:

“Greetings! People all over the web recognize me as Mustang Wanted. Accidentally happened, that my hobbie attracted a lot of viewer`s attention, so I want to be closer to them all.

I hope to find as much as possible of those, who want to see an urban landscapes from the bird`s-eye through my camera. But don`t try any of my tricks by yourself, that`s extremely dangerous. I`m doing all that stuff for years, just for my personal joy. Take care of your life and health!”

Here’s a behind the scenes look:

man hanging on building with shoes of friend in frame

man hanging on edge of building

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