Photos of Some of the World’s Most Obscure Species

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Just when we think we have discovered all there is to know about living creatures on this planet, we find out how many more we do not know of. We will probably really never know everything there is, and perhaps that realization is the smartest thing we will ever come to grips with. Now, even if we confine ourselves to species known to science, there are virtually hundreds that remain unknown to the common public.


Many of these species are quite odd and some are truly incredible and unbelievably tiny. These are the living things explored in the new book Animal Earth: The Amazing Diversity of Living Creatures. The book brings to our attention the many living things we have yet to know about.

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“Animal Earth is the book I’ve wanted to write ever since I started studying zoology,” said author Ross Piper, Insect Ecologist on his website. “My aim with Animal Earth is to get across how bizarre, how beautiful and how overlooked most animals are in a way that just about anyone can flick through and enjoy.” Piper’s exploration through the depths of animal diversity makes use of 540 images in full color, magnifying them with an electron microscope and with accompanying illustrations.

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One will behold the strange and yet wonderful species that roam our earth unnoticed. They may be extremely small and anonymous, maybe a bit hideous, but Piper thinks this little critters deserve not only our attention, but appreciation as well. “Most of the time, if you’re watching things on television, it’s just about mammals or other vertebrates. But that’s only a tiny fraction of animal diversity. I want to show people that animals are enormously diverse, not just in how they look but how they live,” said Piper in a recent interview.

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“Just studying the different animals out there and their interactions, that’s something you could have an army of scientists studying for thousands of years,” he added see a sampling of these unknown and unnoticed creatures here. The book is also featuring photography by Alexander Semenov, Arthur Anker, as well as other animal specialists and researchers.

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The 320-page The Amazing Diversity of Living Creatures is a guaranteed eye-popper.

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