Photos of Squirrels Doing Everyday Things

squirrel looking through mailbox in snow

It’s not everyday you hear about screaming sheep or ponies in sweaters, but once in a while, we come across photos or videos of animals doing strange and amusing things. For the most part, I try to steer clear of squirrels because I can never find one that sits still long enough for me to whip out my camera and focus on it but fortunately, photographer Nancy Rose has had better luck (and patience apparently) getting these little guys to cooperate.

Rose has been photographing squirrels for several years now and has created these miniature photo sets just for that purpose. Her more recent shots feature “Mr. Peanuts” who has taken up residence on her backyard. Since the sets are so small, I imagine that they were challenging to make. “Making props, or buying cheapy things to use as props is just as fun,” she writes. As Mr. Peanuts examines whatever she has put up, she waits patiently until she has several shots of him that she likes. You can tell that some of these were even shot outdoors in the freezing cold!

squirrel painting on easel

squirrel hanging clothes on clothesline

squirrel looking inside pumpkin

Let’s not forget “Mrs. P” and the other extras that stop by for the occasional photo as well. “I sure hop[e] nothing ever happens to them because I have grown so fond of them,” she adds.

“The Valentine mailbox was the first thing I made that was such a big hit on Flickr and inspired me to make more miniatures,” she told Amusing Planet. “I made the barbecue out of kitchen foil cake pans, some popsicle sticks and other little items from my craft supplies. I have always been a crafter and have lots of little things I can create with, and now when I go shopping I spend more time looking for squirrel size items than for things for myself.”

I love how squirrels naturally stand up when they’re perusing something, so they become much more human-like in their poses in these photos. Rose was definitely lucky to have come across such naturally curious creatures!

Click here to view the complete set of images on her Flickr.

Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos

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