Photos of the Abandoned Star Wars Sets in Tunisia

star wars tatooine set

Tatooine will be familiar to the millions of fans that have followed the Star Wars saga. It is a fictional planet that is a virtual desert world, forming the backdrop for many Star Wars epic scenes. It was in this planet that Qui-Gon Jinn, Jedi Master, first discovered AnaKin Skywalker’s potential to be a Jedi warrior. It was also here where Anakin met his future mentor, Obi-Wan Kenobi. The planet would also be home to the son of Anakin, Luke, where he would grow up until his early adult years. Tatooine is one of the most remembered planets in the Star Wars universe.

behind the scenes tatooine ruins

Back in 2010, photographer Rä di Martino, during one of her interplanetary exploits, came across what seemed to be the ruins of a former civilization. Traveling far and wide, and following a lead from Google Earth, she arrived at Chott el Djerid in far away Tunisia. It turns out that Chott el Djerid is the salt desert where legendary Luke Skywalker’s home used to be. The movie set, that is. Fictional Tatooine’s sets were created in Tunisia, and have been abandoned ever since the last Star Wars crew called it a wrap. Eerily, it resembles a genuine ancient civilization. Martino shot the sets the way she found them, appearing to be “almost like archaeological sites,” she says.

abandoned ruins tatooine set

Martino aptly calls the portfolio No More Stars and offers this description:

“This is a series of photographs taken in the abandoned movie sets of the film saga Star Wars, filmed through the years in different locations in the south of Tunisia. Unexpectedly those sets have been left on location, probably because in the middle of nowhere and because no-one from the local authorities complained and therefore after years some of it have now become ruins, almost as some sort strange archeological sites. The particular hot and dry climate has helped maintain intact many parts of the sets, or buried under the sand just sections of it. The sets visited are in four different locations.”

abandoned tatooine star wars

tatooine ruins abandoned set

The images depict a rather real looking archeological site that appears to have once been occupied by creatures of another world.

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