Photos of The Beatles at Shea Stadium Sold at Auction for $45,000

press photographing the beatles at shea stadium
Marc Weinstein, third from left, photographing the Beatles at Shea Stadium in 1965.
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Anything Beatles is worth money. Often times a lot of money. Take for instance this naughty escapade pulled off by an amateur photographer, Marc Weinstein in 1965. In his determination to snap photos of the fab four, he faked a press pass to get through the strict cordon set up by NYC police to protect the band. Instead, he got them to escort him to the side of the stage to witness the historic concert at Shea Stadium in New York City. While he knew he was a lucky chap to pull off the sneak in, he did not realize then that his pictures would sell for a whopping $45,500, nearly 50 years later. The concert would be the largest the four lads from Liverpool would ever play. With crowds topping 55,000, it was a record breaking number at the time.

the beatles at shea stadium

Paul McCartney, John Lenon, Ringo Star and George Harrison were soaring in popularity as Beatle mania was spreading across the United States, creating mayhem wherever the band went. Marc Weinstein recalls his mischievous exploit, but with no regrets whatsoever:

“I just blended with everybody there. I had a method of operation; I just acted like I belonged. Anybody in authority, I would look the other way,” he told

the beatles performing at shea stadium

In hindsight, it looks like Marc was fated to be at that special vantage point. He gets an even more ridiculous lucky break when, the only other photographer, maybe caught-up in the mad excitement, runs out of film! Marc finds himself the only one able to document the once-in-a-lifetime concert that will prove to be historic on many levels, especially for the band. Such confluence of circumstances and events manifest themselves as the photos sold a few days ago for 10,000 British pounds more than expected.  Paul Fairweather is the lucky owner who won the collection at auction through Omega Auctions.

the beatles album cover
Cover art of The Beatles’ ‘Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band.’

Just a few days ago, an equally rare Beatle memorabilia sold for an astounding $290,500 at auction. It is a rare autographed copy of their album Sgt.Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. The album jacket was reportedly signed by each Beatles member in 1967.

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