Photos of the Changing Landscape Promote Awareness

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Camille Seaman has built a reputation for not only her immaculate photography shot in the Polar Regions including Antarctica, Greenland, and Svalbard, but for her gallant efforts to raise awareness as well. The marvelously evocative photographs raise a consciousness of particular regions of the earth that we either never see, or choose to ignore.

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Seaman is able to capture the uncertain conditions of the changing landscape and transform them into quiet contemplations about saving the planet. Seaman says, “Uncomfortable, inevitable change comes whether we like it or not. Maybe it isn’t always pretty or graceful but it always leads to something new.”

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Seaman is an Award-winning American photographer popular for her moving Polar images. She has journeyed to over 30 countries shooting images that have been exhibited and published in magazines all over the globe. Her career began in 2003 when she traveled north to the Arctic, shooting stunning photographs of the obscure island of Svalbard as well as its Arctic surroundings.

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Seaman has mentored under many well-known social-documentary photographers, which includes Paul Fusco, Steve McCurry, and Sebastião Salgado. She is also a veteran of many workshops on photography and self-publishing, often conducting them herself.

photo series camille seaman

What she has come to be known for, however is her work on the Polar regions, and has dedicated more than 10 years of her work to documenting the delicate, swiftly altering landscapes of the vast Antarctic. She has been at since 2006, and four years later in 2010, decided to call the body of work Terminus: The Face of Change.

ice photo series camille seaman

The series is Seaman’s way of calling attention to the melting glaciers in what she calls “the ‘end of the road’ for the glacial face.” Terminus: The Face of Change, includes expansive landscapes as well as closer perspectives that create a vague idea for the enormity of the problem. In the absence of any reference points for size, it is hard to establish the actual dimension of some of ice formations. All we see is vast, desolate vistas of icy white landscape, which according to Seaman, is inevitably melting away.

icy landscape camille seaman

See the stark images of Terminus: The Face of Change, here.

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