Photos of Two Siberian Huskies as They Playfully Explore a Frozen Lake

siberian husky

Russian photographer Fox Grom recently captured some incredible images of his Siberian Huskies while they were exploring a thawing frozen lake. The immaculate surface looked more like a mirror that would reflect their image and everything else. Grom who is also an all-terrain vehicle enthusiast was on a stroll with his dogs when he came across the striking sight of a frozen lake, awash with rainwater, making it shine and reflect almost everything.

siberian husky photo

“I always take pictures of my dogs whilst walking them, but on this occasion there was an extraordinary phenomenon,” Grom recently recounted in an interview. Siberian Huskies are quite beloved pets, mainly due to their attractive looks and impressive talents. This medium-size working dog has both power and athleticism.Initially bred as sled dogs, many are still used for this purpose.


siberian husky photos

Huskies are remarkable dogs and their capacity to learn is amazing. They are bright and independent, are affectionate with everyone and do not need constant attention. They are not known to be aggressive and normally do well in multi-dog homes. Huskies do well with children and will welcome everyone into their home. Just look at the pictures of Grom’s dogs and you can see how attractive the breed is.

siberian husky portrait

Grom resides in Kirovsk in Murmansk Oblast, one of Russia’s northernmost regions. Practically the entire area is north of the Arctic Circle. Living in that environment tells you that these resilient dogs are no strangers to extreme cold. The two huskies, named Blizzard and Alaska seem to explore the landscape with keen curiosity.

portrait siberian husky


With their elegant shapes mirrored in the water beneath them, and the bottom of the lake noticeable through the radiant, glass-like ice, the whole series appears to be like a scene from a fantasy fairytale movie.

fox grom


See Grom’s enchanting series of his Huskies here.

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