Photos of Vibrant Hotel Facades in Venice

beach hotel facade venice

Mention Venice, Italy and what immediately comes to mind is the Grand Canal filled with gondolas and their gondoliers carrying romance seekers from all over the world. Venice has always been known for its art and architecture, and the 50,000 tourists that flock to this place every day is evidence of this amazing statistic. Aware of this, the Carnival of Venice was revived in the 1980s making the city a popular destination for festivals and conferences. It attracts visitors form all over the globe making it a major hub of the visual, musical and performing arts as well as cultural productions. St Mark’s Basilica, the Grand Canal, and the Piazza San Marco remain as iconic and historic landmarks, while the Lido di Venezia is a well-liked luxury destination, drawing in the global cinematic industry with all its glitz, bling and glamour. The city also depends much on the cruise business to drive its economy.

The lenses of Italian photographer Luigi Bonaventura, apparently sees a different Venice. The New York-based Bonaventura shows a more contemporary side to this historic place, but nonetheless as aesthetically appealing.

blue hotel facade venice

yellow hotel facade venice

What he has to show are some exceptionally clean, crisp, images of hotels in Jesolo Beach, a town in Venice. Entitled Behind The Edge, the collection captures the modern facades that are a radical departure from what the eye is use to seeing in Venice. Behind The Edge depicts the current style of architecture that is a repetitious and recurring design of hotel room balconies and verandas, painted in vibrant colors borrowed from a lollipop palate.

rose colored hotel facade venice

The symmetrical patterns show a playful, and yet disciplined modern frontage of these relatively new structures. Appearing candy-like, these buildings are starkly different from traditional Venice imagery.

light blue hotel facade venice

“The real mission is to show each structure as its Platonic ideal: that is, as the architect imagined it, not as it all too often looks in real life and mixing color encourage your own imagination around the picture,” says Bonaventura.

purple hotel hotel facade venice

See Behind The Edge and understand what he means.

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