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Last summer Anders Lönnfeldt visited Norway for the second time. He had been in Oslo once already, but that was several years ago. During this recent visit he wanted to see the well-known scenery while driving through the mountains in a camper. His road trip took him from Oslo to Geiranger, Dalsnibba, Trollstigen, Ålesund as well as Atlanterhavsveien. Surely this was one of his best trips, and he documented the majestic scenery in a collection of breathtaking photos.

norwegian landscape

The plan to visit Norway germinated from a music video he had seen.  He had no idea where the video was shot, but the scenery just grabbed his attention. Following some investigation, he found out that the video was shot in Geiranger and Ålesund in Norway. This prompted him to go on a road trip through Norway and he asked his girlfriend to come along for the adventure.

norwegian landscape norway

At first the plan was to rent a regular sedan, however finding a hotel every night in a new location was something Lönnfeldt wanted to avoid. Hence the idea of travelling in a camper which turned out to be a superb idea. At first it felt really strange to sleep in the middle of nowhere, but at the same time it was thrilling. Lönnfeldt and his girlfriend could drive all day long and whenever they came to a pleasant juncture they could stop on a whim and make themselves some refreshments as they soaked in the beautiful views.

norway landscape

Likewise when fatigue would set in they would just park the camper anywhere, prepare some supper and call it a night. The fondest experience for Lönnfeldt from the trip was when they were approaching Geiranger fjord from the mountains. The place was just absolutely breathtaking, according to Lönnfeldt.  They could see all the way down to the fjord and it was just an unbelievable site.

landscape norway

They had to drive all the way down through some extremely narrow and winding slopes. Since Lönnfeldt brought his camera with him on the trip he naturally took a lot of photos of all the spectacular scenery they came across. To date, Lönnfeldt has never seen anything quite like the amazing landscapes of Norway.

norway landscape photography

See his collection of images of the road trip here.

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