Pilot Shoots Striking Aerial Photos of the Polish Landscape


What great twin skills to have when you are adept at taking pictures and also know how to pilot an aircraft. That is exactly the skill-set that aviator and photographer Kacper Kowalski has. He takes to the ‘wild blue yonder’ and shoots stunning images of his native Poland from a bird’s-eye view, or a pilots-eye view, if you will.

poland aerial

Flying into the clouds, he points his camera where else but down, catching images of the Polish landscape that is a myriad of vibrant colors, abstract shapes, and exciting textures. Kowalski’s astoundingly beautiful ­photographs of the fall season Polish woodland reveals the figures in the forest carpet that observed from above show tree species with greens that blend together but are distinguished by their different autumn colors.

aerial poland

Viewed from high above the ground, trees are seen minus their towering height, turned flat into little bristles, foliage replete with the flaming reds and vivid yellows of fall. Rivers crisscross the landscape like complex arteries, as they are made small and minute by the perspective from the sky.

aerial photo  poland

From his lofty and airborne vantage point, Kowalski shows the splendor of nature in surprising, rarely-seen ways. The collection is also a reminder to us that we have to be constantly looking for ways to see the mundane differently. Sometimes change of perspective is all it takes to invigorate life again.

poland aerial photo

Many of Kowalski’s most striking photographs make use of how scale and distance can change perception dramatically. Armed with a degree in architecture and a passion for aerial photography, Kowalski takes to the skies to capture often seen landscapes from rare vantage points. Thanks to his efforts we get to see nature’s drama from an outlook that only birds have enjoyed since time began.

aerial photography poland

See what we mean in this incredible collection of airborne-shot images.

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