Poignant Photo Series of Views from Within Rooms that are in Various States of Disrepair


Every window in this series has been peered into by the author and each one has its own unique tale to tell. Some of the stories are as old as two centuries. All this has been seen from the perspective of a hobby photographer, who also goes by the name Urbexography.

urbexography rooms with a view

Urbexography is based in Tasmania, Australia and has a thing for taking pictures of deserted places. One of the first things he looks for inside an abandoned place is the windows. He has a growing collection of his views from this perspective, and people seem to love them so much that he shares the series.

urbexography rooms with a view

Urbexography has a great respect for the places he visits, and takes great care when he enters these empty spaces.  He is also quick to point out that he is certainly not an interloper, nor does he approve of any criminal activity. He never forcibly entered any place just to get his photos, and never will. And yet, what we have are extremely engaging pictures that use window frames as seen from various home interiors. Urbexography artistically composes the view to create attractive scenes observable from inside, and calls the series Rooms with a View.

rooms with a view urbexography

“I don’t know what went on in that house,” said Urbexography of one of the houses he entered.”It looked like it could’ve been a place of immense happiness at one point, but when we went there, it looked like the person had ended up very isolated and very lonely, perhaps with no human contact, no family or friends. The house just ended up in a state of – you can see in the pictures how it ended up. It was like they had gone a bit deranged in the end, and were living in absolute chaos.”

photo series rooms with a view urbexography

These are the sort of musings that occupy the photographer’s thoughts as he has a poignant, if not sentimental view these once lived-in homes or rooms.  Subjects of this sort have captured the imaginations of shutterbugs everywhere. They enter old buildings, abandoned theme parks and dilapidated manors, shooting the disrepair that they see. This has been called many things from, ruin photography to urban exploration or the “urbex” movement.

rooms with a view urbexography photo series

See Urbexography homage to houses of bygone glory here.

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Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos

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